Florent Souchet - guitar & compositions

Pierre Bernier - tenor & soprano saxophone

Ilfat Sadykov - tenor saxophone

Anders Ulrich - bass

Corentin Rio - drums




"Ils m'ont surpris, surtout Souchet tant par sa guitare fluide et sans apprêt que par sa plume qui, évitant les sentiers battus, fait danser cette rythmique et sonner bien à sa façon ce pupitre de saxophones"

Franck Bergerot - Jazz Magazine



The best of what we call “jazz” has often been imbued with the dual and seemingly paradoxical quality of challenging the listener while making him feel at home. This is exactly what you will find in the ten tracks of TALKIN’ ABOUT JOHN, written by the young French guitarist Florent Souchet and recorded in 2014.

The very sound and playing of Florent Souchet as a jazz guitarist express this duality. On the one hand, the richness of his tone and his ability to unfold long and articulate melodic lines are rooted in a long tradition of great jazz guitar players. On the other hand, his inventiveness and the vastness of his technical background, far exceeding the traditional canons of jazz, denote a constant yearning for innovation.

Likewise, the ten compositions of TALKIN’ ABOUT JOHN, while undoubtedly avant-gardist (hear the subtly yet deliberately unbalanced Etatique or Dunes), are not cut off from the traditional expressions of jazz. Behind the harmonic and rhythmic sophistication of these tunes, you will hear swing music in Chief Dalton, Le John or L’Audière, New-Orleans rhythms in Bouncin’ With John, and Jeanne is a genuine trio ballad.

To play this beautiful and intriguing music, Florent Souchet has gathered the fine fleur of the new Paris jazz scene. The men with the horns are Pierre Bernier and Ilfat Sadykov, who both play tenor saxophones. Sadykov’s formidable sound (hear him on T.C.!) blends harmoniously with the lyricism of Bernier, who also plays soprano on several numbers. Corentin Rio is a young and stunning drummer whose technical mastery is only equaled by his buoyancy (as can be heard in the outro of L’Audière). Of course, so high a house needs a strong foundation, and that is what provides Anders Ulrich’s double bass, but not only that. After listening to Château Rouge and Chief Dalton, you will agree that more than a few words would be necessary to sum up all the musical qualities of this great jazzmen.

Marc Ulrich